Honest Men release EP

Honest Men release EP

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Texas isn’t always regarded as a go-to place for record labels to seek out burgeoning pop/rock acts, but that absolutely does not mean the Lone Star State is devoid of any such artists. That being said, Honest Men are hardly a run of the mill rock band. There’s plenty of Texas branded resolve in their dedicated play, but their new self-titled EP is thoroughly a Los Angeles-inspired dance record that rivals the best offerings from Maroon Five or The Fray. Stylized with intense bravado and decadent production.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/honest-men/sets/honest-men-ep/s-Ju1xX

There’s been an energetic new sound evolving out of indie rock in the last five years that’s been exciting to watch; the fusion of R&B beats to raw, punk-inspired song structures. Seattle’s Pickwick has made quite the career thus far out of championing the sound, and Honest Men offer a uniquely southern twist on the style that is remarkably different then their northwest counterparts. On this EP, they use their pioneering sound as a template to tackle several distinct aspects of human relationships with, courtesy of some terrific lyrics conveyed by singer Seth Findley. Take the emotionally charged ballad “Rose,” a tribute to the epiphany of finding your soulmate, the breakdown of the walls between two people and the start of something so beautiful and clean. Shades of My Bloody Valentine find their way into the guitar parts, elevating us skyward to the heavens and into outer space. “I’m Okay” presents us with a different angle on love, the risky, dangerous thrill that comes with finding someone new and getting completely lost in the moment with them. The prowess that Findley gives off as he struts between his band members, interacting with drummer Zach Solomon almost telepathically, is spellbinding and reminiscent of classic rock frontmen who could control the energy of the audience with such formidable command that their legacy is still mimicked by modern rock singers in droves. Not only does Findley not sound derivative of the rock gods, but he brings an entirely new flare to the table.

A record as pumped as this one always makes me wonder what the band sounds like in person. Honest Men have opened for Colony House, Elephante, COIN and Kings Kaleidoscope in their recent gigging, but come this autumn they’ll be embarking on their first headlining tour outside of their home state. I have to say, I hope I get the chance to catch them live while they’re supporting this EP, because if the mammoth energy on Honest Men is any indication of what they’re like on a stage, it would definitely make for a must-see performance. If you would like to find out more about Honest Men, their music, live schedule and upcoming output, you can visit them online at their official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Their self-titled extended play is out this May on Amazon.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/honestmenmusic/

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