“Good at Goodbye” by Madelyn Victoria

“You’re good at this game and won’t say my name”, Madelyn Victoria states very early on in the chorus of her since “Good at Goodbye”. It’s a song about growth and giving up things that we think are more important at the moment than they really are. There’s a good mentality of “will you care about this in 10 years” and even Victoria is smart enough to add that by the time long after this heartbreak that looking back, she can’t quite figure out why she was so hung up on this man that hurt her, and in a roundabout way how much it’s done for her now in her life citing the happiness she has with her new man and her kids. It’s an empowering piece with some great instrumentation and a catchy familiar beat (it actually almost sounds like the beat to the Beatle’s “It’s Getting Better”, at least it does partially to me) that is sure to resonate with plenty of women who’ve gone down this heartbreaking road before.

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Victoria for such a young age already has a super impressive background and accomplishments having started her love of music at a super early age and winning numerous competitions, even being able to open for the Jonas Brothers during their peak popularity in the mid-aughts, and her love and respect for music, in general, has definitely helped her on her journey and it sets her apart from the average “country singer” to more of a “singer who does country”. There’s even an element of a female Johnny Cash woven into this single with the sometimes haunting lows she’s able to hit with her voice, which doesn’t come up a whole lot in the song, it’s a fairly light ordeal disguising itself to allow the listener to pick up on all these emotional subtleties and her voice winds and weaves and utilizes these lyrics to her fullest advantage.

I could easily recommend this song to anyone based on the vocals alone because Victoria treats her voice as the strongest instrument in her entire arsenal. It’s the kind of song that will leave you wanting more and anyone who needs a lengthier fix of Victoria’s brand of music can find all of her previous work on Spotify and I highly implore you to check it out if only to also watch her own artistic progression that now leaves us with plenty of surprises to expect with whatever direction she wants to go next.

Madelyn has stated that in the future she’s love to use her talent and what she’s learned to help others who are in the position she’s in now as a rising voice and it’s a very altruistic and beautiful thing for any artist to want to live another up, even if they’re burgeoning. Victoria represents the future of what country music can be, more thoughtful and thought-provoking and that’s something we should all be happy for because there’s nothing better than young blood breathing life into an old style.

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