Nick your new song ‘Spread Love’ is so inspiring! Can you tell us your favorite verse from the song? 

Thank you! I appreciate that. If i had to pick one i’d say the second verse. Getting hit hard emotionally and managing to get back up! If you’re going through that now I send you love! Keep going!

What have the fan reactions been like for the song? 

Truly it’s been fantastic! It’s new and i want to get as many people listening as possible!

How has your 2021 been treating you so far? Anything in the works that you can tell us about? 

It’s been good! I hit the ground running this year with the release of my new song/video “Spread Love” and I’m not going to stop! Yes, new songs, spreading more love and hopefully seeing my family?

What are you anticipating being different this year from the last?

I’m hoping I get to see my family, play some amazing shows for and with great people!  Oh and “Spread Love” as much as I can!!!

Give us your socials so we can keep up with all things Nick Johnson! Also let us know where we can stream ‘Spread Love’ because it’s a song I think everyone needs to be uplifted by! 










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