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Shelley Loving’s passion lies in helping others cook and eat a little healthier without dieting or having massive restrictions. After her husband’s heart attack, she decided to take ownership of their health by cleaning up what they were eating. After two nutrition schools and culinary school, she now teaches others what she applied to her own life. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or boring. And Shelley is on a mission to teach you how to do it in a way that will leave you feeling great. Her certifications include Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Certified Professional Cook.

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Thank you for taking this interview! Tell us the first thing that comes to mind that you’re grateful for about your career?

Without a doubt, it’s being able to help people with their health. The whole reason I started this career was to educate and inspire others on the importance of healthier eating and cooking. My husband almost died and I want to prevent that scare from happening to others. Prevention is possible through food. And I’m on a mission to teach that.

What kind of inspiration influences your career that fans would be surprised by? 

The challenge of turning an unhealthy recipe into one that uses real/whole ingredients that have nutritious benefits. It’s my mission to show others that healthy food CAN BE delicious.

Who has influenced you in your career? 

Testimonials of clients who have turned their health around by changing up some of their foods. From cholesterol to weight loss, and from bad cases of rosacea to improving autoimmune issues. Their stories tell me that food is powerful and that my job is helping others.

Who is your biggest cheerleader in the industry? Why?

I would have to say Meghan Telpner. She is the founder of The Academy of Culinary Nutrition and fully supports all her graduates (including me). She actually bought my cookbook when it launched. She walks the walk and supports her culinary family. 

Who gives you the most critique? Why?

My husband. He is the hardest working man I know and when I’m making a business decision and running it by him, he is brutally honest. But I respect his opinion. He’s a good businessman. He has a lot of experience. I may not always like what he tells me, but he’s usually right (but please don’t tell him )

Do you often follow your heart or your brain when you have to make decisions in your career?

90% of the time it’s my heart. Sometimes I regret that, but it always helps me get on the right path eventually. Mistakes are where I grow. But honestly, my heart doesn’t steer wrong often.

Making decisions on how to go about your next project, what do those conversations sound like?

Again, I listen to my heart. I listen to my audience too. What do they want? What do they need to help them cook healthier? They are the reason I keep going so I continue to listen to them for my next endeavors.

Give us a fun fact about your book?

Every recipe has a pretty colorful picture. I believe we all eat with our eyes first and I wanted you to look at the recipes and say “wow this looks delicious”. Fun fact..I took every single picture. I edited every picture. My kitchen was like a very unprofessional photography studio for about 5 months.

Best advice you’ve received on making this book?

Hire a book mentor if you are self-publishing. Leesa helped me every step of the way. She’s been helping self-publishing authors for over 2 decades. She knows what she’s doing and hiring her was vital to the success of my book.

Give us some advice when it comes to pushing forward in your career?

Never ever stop pursuing your passion. Even if it’s just baby steps every week. Always keep going. Even when you are out of gas, tell yourself “just one more”.  When you get on the other side of that passion/goal, you can look back and see how much it was all worth it. 

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Thank you Shelley! 

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